Friday, December 16, 2011

Tropical Pennsylvania?

...Not quite... One way I like to think outside the box is to attempt to grow palm trees at my home in the mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. Even the hardiest palms won't survive the winters here but I try to find affordable ones on the Internet or places that sell houseplants and plant them as annuals. I mean most of the common things people plant as annuals are tropical or subtropical native plants. It's eccentric I guess, but if people say that palms can't grow around here I can say that impatiens and sweet peppers can't either but many people do anyway. While these trees won't survive the winter they tend to survive until at least mid-December, when all other "annuals" are long gone. They're relatively hardy palms so it's not until the single digit (F) and sub-zero (F) air masses set in when they really die.

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