Sunday, December 25, 2011

Autism employment services?

       I recently heard about this program on the news and while I don't know much about it it sounds promising. This is an example of using many of the skills which tend to be peculiar to those on the Autism spectrum as an advantage for employers. I like to be open-minded to stuff like this, however I do have some concerns. One example is on the site I noticed how it mentions how those with Aspergers and not easily bored by repetitive tasks. That is certainly not me. I'm more like ADD people when it comes to that. Actually I also have ADD.
       Second, while I'm not implying anything about this program as I say again, I don't know much about it yet; I do hope such programs recognize the individual beyond the label. I understand that there are many Autistic people who are "techno-geeks" I am not and many of my interests are atypical of Autistic people. I do love information, learning, and convenience and therefore I love my gadgets, I could care less how they work. My technological proficiency is pretty average.
       The service I am posting a link to here is new and I've never dealt with them so I can't really form a fair opinion of it either way, but I certainly like the concept.

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