Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of my favorite Christian authors:

       One Christian author who I feel helps put spirituality into perspective is Dr. Hany Mina Mikhail. I actually know little about him aside from the excellent videos he posted on his YouTube Channel in both English and Arabic. I of course listened to the English ones as I don't know a word of Arabic. This guy is Coptic Orthodox which as a Catholic I found no contradictions in anything he said. The only part of his videos I slightly disagree with is on the East-West dichotomy which I feel is not as cut and dry as he makes it but even there I partially agree. Compared to many other Christian speakers he is quite respectful of other traditions and is never smug. His work is pretty elusive to find on the web. The following is the best link I can find to his work:
       Coptic BTW is just another name for Egyptian. I feel all Christians can benefit from his videos, especially Catholic, Orthodox, Assyrian, Anglican, and other Liturgical Christians. While he is very "orthodox"- notice in this sentence I use a "small-o"; yet he provides an alternative view from the legalistic, sometimes over-intellectualized Christianity of the West.

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