Friday, December 9, 2011

Arctic life and style...

       Greenland always tends to look big on our stretched-out maps. Everyone sees it on the top of the globe... but there is also life on this island. Nuuk, formally Godthaab when Denmark was in charge, looks like a pretty progressive small city. I've never been near there and can't find any photos that show the whole place. I suspect it may be rather spread out. I'm impressed at the aesthetics, the color, and the architecture of the buildings. It appears there are a few modern mid rises, but I can't find it all on one photo. It looks so clean too:

File:Nuuk city below Sermitsiaq.JPG
Nuuk, by: Oliver Schauf, 2007

Nuuk Centrum, by: Algkalv, 2010
File:Greenland 13, Nuuk, town centre with Blok P.JPG
Town Centre of Nuuk, by:Vincent van Zeijst, 2011

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