Wednesday, December 28, 2011


       It's not often I see many photos of Iran's capitol city, Tehran even though it is frequently mentioned on the world news. People tend to associate Iran with desert and there certainly is truth to that, but the country also contains snow-capped mountains, a rainforest, skylines, and beaches.
File:Tehran Skyline.jpg
Tehran Skyline, by: Hamed Saber, 2006

Tehran, by: Arad Mojtahedi, 2006

File:Tehran 25.11.2009 11-56-04.jpg
Tehran, by: Hansueli Krapf, 2009

File:Hareh in winter .jpg
Winter in Iran Villages, by: Alireza Javaheri, 2011

And to Northwest Iran:
File:Panomara of Tabriz.jpg
Panorama of Tabriz, Wikimedia Commons, 2006

And some random desert part of the country, looks like an oasis...
Iran, Wikimedia Commons, 2007

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