Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Presuming Intellect"

       I have mentioned the concept of confirmation bias many times and will probably mention it more times in the future as needed. A related concept as mentioned by Author: William Stillman in the following link is to "presume intellect". To understand this better just click on the link. I would also like to note that this concept is not just valuable in dealing with Autistic people. We should learn to do this in general. Have you ever had the experience of obnoxious back-seat-driver? Or worse if we allow ourselves to become flustered and we end up confirming their assumptions no matter how clean our driving record is. On the TV series "Everybody Loves Raymond" for those familiar thing how Raymond's wife feels when her good-hearted Mother-in-Law, Marie hovers over her when doing her domestic duties and assumes that she can't do anything. Growing up in an Italian-American family myself I can relate to some of the personalities in this sit-com so I chose this as an example. There's more to it than this but I will let the author explain it. I don't want to oversimplify anything:
       In many ways I'm trying to practice this concept to anyone reading this, many times instead of explaining the obvious I presume some knowledge on the part of the reader. If my presumption is wrong I presume that the reader knows enough to highlight something and do a quick Internet search for more information. This also helps me not too get too "wordy" as I have been accused by some past English teachers of doing.

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