Sunday, December 4, 2011

Some photos to expand horizons:

       In addition to my own photos I like to look around the internet for photos of places that we don't hear much about- at least here in the US. I especially like photos that have some irony such as skylines where people wouldn't expect to see them, snow in places where it's not expected, mountains, palm trees, sandy beaches and other oddities in less obvious places. Here are some public use ones from Wikimedia Commons:
Tel Aviv, Israel: Far different than in the time of Jesus...
File:TelAvivCity (1).jpg

London, Ontario, Canada: I won't forget my Northern neighbors:
File:London ontario downtown.JPG

Charlotte, NC: Or my Southern neighbors, There are a lot of parts to one's own country that people may not be aware of:
File:Charlotte Skyline 2011 - Ricky W.jpg

Perth, Australia: If I were to dig a hole straight down and never stop I'd come up somewhere in the Indian Ocean off the remote southwestern coast of Australia. This would be the nearest big city. To many in the Northeast US this is the most far away major city on Earth there is:

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