Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fall foliage and mountain climbing- in Florida:

File:Lake Alice Winter.jpg
Lake Alice Winter, by: Suiseiseki, 2008

       I don't mean Disney either but real life. I thought it would be nice to be able to use "Florida, mountain climbing, and fall foliage" on the same line. It's nothing like New England, but it looks like there can be fall color in the Northern part of Florida. And while much of the peninsula is flat in terrain. There is one "mountain" in on the fringes of the Orlando Metro area. I've never been there, but I do remember seeing a few rolling hills in that area and around Tampa.
       The thought of extreme sports and mountain climbing was never my cup of tea, but if I were to ever climb a mountain, this is probably what I would choose- the highest mountain in peninsular Florida, Sugarloaf Mountain:
File:SugarloafMountain Road.jpg
Sugarloaf Mountain, Lake County, Florida- Wikimedia Commons 2010

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