Friday, December 2, 2011

Aspergers Syndrome and Narcissism

       Here is a good professional article from a Doctor describing the differences between Narcissism and the so-called ego-centeredness associated with Autism. I have the book that this article is from and I have mixed feelings about the book. For one things all humans have a narcissistic streak somewhere in them as I believe we all born  with the consequences of Original Sin. Some people have it more than others of course to the point of it becoming pathological. Narcissism, while it does exist is kind of one of those "pop-psychology" concepts so anything we read about it needs to be read with caution. Even when there are heavy grains of truth "pop-psychology" can oversimplify reality. Anyway this article seems pretty fair so here's a link to it:
       Also here is Wikipedia's article on empathy, please notes the different types of empathy described...

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