Friday, December 2, 2011

And now for some aqua potabile to wash it down...

Some more ways I think may help with non-verbal communication:         
       Classic cartoons... The ones with few or no words, think Roadrunner or the Pink Panther, the music alone in some of these oldies may be helpful.
        Interact more with people who speak a different language. People tend to see many foreign people as talking with their hands, which may be a way of compensation for the language barriers, esp. for people in small or very diverse countries. When there is a language barrier it is especially important to be aware of cues, tone, and body language to avoid misunderstandings.
       On that note I think learning a foreign language may be helpful in several ways. It can teach us alternative ways to look at things, it can perhaps open up new neural pathways but I'm only speaking from intuition not evidence, and it's always helpful in a global society. Better yet learn a less direct, higher context non-germanic language. The further away from our native comfort zone the better. I have no room to talk though. I only know a small amount if Spanish and to an even lesser extent Italian. I'm working on it though browsing itunes for free language courses. It's just a suggestion.

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