Sunday, December 4, 2011

There are worse fates than Autism...

       I'm sure a lot of people are tired of the whole Autism/vaccine controversy. I have no intention of judging any parents who have different views on the topic. Personally I love vaccinations, unless there is an allergy. I'll take every one I can get and view them as one less thing to worry about. I frequently check the research pipeline on the Internet to see what is up and coming. They are working on one for the common cold, and making good progress for one to prevent the Norovirus. That's the cause of most of the violent stomach viruses in the Western world and mayhem on cruise ships. I'm looking forward to that one and I'm sure many parents, teachers, and janitorial workers would too. In the mean time we have to just wash our hands frequently in the Winter, eat lots of cranberries(maybe), and think twice about eating raw oysters (there is nothing romantic or "aphrodisiac" about the Norovirus".
       Autism is a challenge, but I never hear of people dying from it. Talk to some elderly people and you may very well hear of children having died of Measles, Mumps, and German Measles. Those who survive some of these historic diseases can have permanent brain damage worse than Autism. (I don't really believe that they cause Autism but I'm not trying to debate that anyway- I just want to help put risks, even unfounded risks into perspective.) I know there is a huge anti-vaccination movement going on and I respect that. I don't personally believe that my MMR vaccine caused me to have mild Autism, but even if it did I'm still happy to be alive. This article has a brief description of the "M", "M" and the "R" of the MMR vaccine. Note the annual fatality rates and try and calculate how many lives were saved. Better yet go do a search on some of these virtually eradicated conditions and look at the photos. BTW I own no stock in any stock in any drug companies; in fact as of this post I never owned a stock in my life. Here is a decent article on the MMR topic:

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