Wednesday, November 16, 2011

About This Blog

       I plan to have this blog on a variety of topics and have a hard time knowing where to start. The main one is life on the Autistic Spectrum from my perspective. The title I am currently using "A Schnauzer Speaks His Mind" is inspired by my dog. He frequently tries to "talk" to us but cannot seem to get the words out. Usually it's just a request for food, play, or a bathroom break but he always manages to get his point across. Autism affects communication, particularly non-verbal so I thought it would be a good analogy. Dogs of course have the opposite issue in a way, they're pretty good at non-verbal communication but cannot talk.
As I get more time and as this site develops I will try to answer questions people have. I never had a blog before other than facebook so it may take time for me to get used to this, bear with me... I'm not going to get too much into describing what Asperger Syndrome or Autism is since that info is all over the Internet, even Wikipedia has a pretty good article on the topic. What I'd rather do is take the clinical definitions of it and explain it in layman's terms and how it affects me.

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